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Our Values

We believe education never ends. That means everyone takes at least two out of salon classes per year—and many choose to take even more. We also reimburse 50% of your education costs and invite a celebrated artist for in-salon training every quarter.

At Joli, your guest is everyone’s guest. We know that a next-level salon experience relies on everyone treating each guest like an A-lister. 

Work should be a respite from the pressure-filled world, not an extension of it. Our team’s experience is every bit as important as our guest.

Our bonds don’t break when we walk out of the salon each day. At Joli, we truly treat each other like a family—and that means cookouts, pool parties, and lake days with the team.

We’re big believers in setting goals—in our professional lives, our personal lives, and for the salon. We work hard to meet these goals and support each other in the process.

Our Benefits

Scheduling. You have a life. We like that about you. For that reason, we offer a flexible work schedule for the entire team.

401k. After one year of employment, you are eligible for retirement savings. (It’s much more exciting when you’re 65; boarding your yacht.)

Aflac. You’ll be eligible for Aflac insurance after 90 days. We never want you to worry about the important stuff.

Gym Membership. You are eligible for a gym membership after 90 days, because wellness is important for us to be our best.  

Our Training Program

Like all great things, your career at Joli is a journey. Here’s a general idea of its pace.

You’ll learn our rituals and try your hand at the shampoo bowl, blow-drying, and the service wheel. During this time, you’ll assist (and become BFFs with) everyone in the salon.  


You’ll be trained on the ins and outs of every last service we offer and bring in models to practice them on. They’ll receive a 30% discount on the service while you’re learning the Joli way.  

You will have tested out of all services (High 5!) and will be able to accept your own guests at Joli. You’ll work towards building an 80% retention rate for existing guests, at which point new guests can be placed on you book. 

Joli Team Commandments

  1. Give Sincerity.  
  2. Give a Smile.   
  3. Give an Open Mind.  
  4. Give Vulnerability. 
  5. Give Awesomeness. 
  6. Give Respect. 
  7. Give an Unforgettable Experience. 
  8. Give Motivation. 
  9. Give Love.  
  10. Give Yourself.  

Joli Points of Difference

Joli is made up of a team of professional daymakers who are talented, experienced, and personable.   We use only Aveda products for hair, skin, body, makeup, air care and haircolor.  We continuously educate ourselves so we can provide you with an excellent experience every time. 

At Joli recycling has always been of importance to us, but in 2015 we have taken it to the next level.  We have shrunk our salon waste tremendously by recycling paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, bottle caps, haircolor waste, haircolor foils, fresh cut hair and aluminum.  We recycle at Joli because giving back to Society and the Environment is something we hold dear to our hearts. 



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